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Safe for kids, pets and environment


Health is wealth

Save yourself, your kids, pets and the environment around you by opting for cleaner and greener solutions...nothing is more valubale than your health

It's High Time You Say No To Hazardous Chemical Cleaners!

These toxics and harsh chemicals can seriously damage your health by causing Asthma, Allergies, Chronic Pulmonary Disease, Endocrine Disorders, Fertility Problems, Mood Swings, Anger and Nervous Disorders.


Microbial Green and Organic All-Purpose Residential and Commercial Cleaner

Go green, opt for a natural cleaner, and keep it safe for you and everyone around–be it pets or humans. -Natural plant-based formulation that is tested to be effective at stain cleaning and odour removal while also proving safe for kids, pets and even the environment -Eco-friendly yet powerful in action to easily clean dust, dirt, oil, organic matter, bacteria and even deep sitting matter in the cracks and grouts
1oo% Chemical Free
pH Neutral

Natural multi surface cleaner

Natural multi surface cleaner. No more worrying about harmful chemicals or toxics when your kid crawls on the floor, pet licks the floor surface to pick fallen food crumbles or when you have to walk around the home with bare feet biokleen is ideal as natural floor cleaner (home or commercial space), stain cleaner for bathroom, stain cleaner for kitchen platforms, marble floor cleaner for home or any other surface

Potent Cleaning Action

Naturally occurring microbes and enzymes (food-grade and non-pathogenic) are clinically tested to work effectively in eliminating tough stains, odour, deep embedded dirt, and help clean the oily or greasy surfaces with equal ease. Our all-purpose floor cleaner powder produces 2 step process microbes that continue cleaning action even afterwards equally effective for concrete, metal, brick, walls or countertops

Safe Organic Cleaner

Safe microbial organic cleaner made from heavy plant-based microbes and enzymes, our proprietary blend contains no harsh chemicals like phthalates, 2-butocyethanol, or benzalkonium chloride, doesn’t release chemical fumes or gases like h2s, prevents headaches, respiratory issues, asthma aggravation or dizziness caused by ammonia based floor cleaner powders, and protects your family against any adverse health impact ph neutral eco floor cleaner is out of any harmful fragrance too

Made in Canada-Biodegradable

From canada this kids and pet-safe floor cleaner is produced under a level of control to ensure that it is 100% green and biodegradable, and is canadian food agency inspection (CFAI) approved while hazmat, osha, whmis exempted. Making use of natural ingredients, this cleaner provides a safe alternative over conventional chemical-based cleaning solutions. Its 2-step process continues to attack build-up in cracks and grouts even after cleaning,

Listen to what our customers have to say

"Five Stars - Very Safe for Homes particularly for Homes with Pets compared to the Harsh chemical floor cleaners"
Amazon buyer
"Safe to use and removes harmful odours - Removes tough stains with little effort, a must to have product for homes with kids and pets "
Amazon buyer
we have a dog in the house, and the independent observation for tests on the floor, where the dog rests is satisfactory. No more smells, from the floor. Highly recommended.
Amazon buyer
"Excellent Cleaning Agent - Removes Heavy Grease and Stains from clothes and also good for floor cleaning,Removes bad odour of washrooms.Safe on hands"
Amazon buyer
"Cleans thoroughly and keeps hygiene - It is an Excellent product... It cleans thoroughly and keeps hygiene"
Amazon buyer
"Removed the stanch instantly - Excellent worked as mentioned"
Amazon buyer


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